Tuesday, May 20, 2003

I'M JUST A GIRL!: One woman I was in a class with in college thought several of her male professors were hitting on her. Another woman I know complains often that her PhD advisor doesn't take her seriously because she's a short, blonde woman. You read about other women who claim they didn't get the promotion they wanted or the raise they sought because they are women. Feminists often talk about the victimization of women -- they see themselves or others as oppressed, looked down upon or held back by their sex and/or looks. Now, granted I haven't experienced life as a short, blonde woman since I was about six years old and maybe the other girl was really getting hit-on by professors, something that certainly never happened to me, and maybe sometimes women do get passed over in the workplace because of their sex, but it always seems that those who believe most strongly in victimization are always the ones that are the victims. I can't think of a single time in life when my gender held me back or that some man got ahead of me, because he was a man. Have I just been oblivious or so beaten down by the white, male oppressors that I no longer can see my degradation? I don't think so. I don't set out with the idea that people are out to get me, stop me from reaching my goals or belittle me for being a woman, I assume that I have the same chances that every one else has. Some people might stand in the way of my accomplishments because they are jerks, but not because I'm a victim. As my daughter grows older, I hope she will not buy into the feminist line that she'll be oppressed or victimized because she's a girl. For all the strong woman garbage that feminists talk, they often seem to be the weakest of creatures -- victims of everyone. Sure, I want my daughter to be able to do anything her brother can do, but how far is she going to get if she's always watching out for the guys trying to hold her back? And now to leave you with a few lines from that other Addams family: Blonde Snotty Girl: I'll be the victim. I'll be the victim. Wednesday Addams: All your life.

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