Monday, May 05, 2003

NYQUIL, HOW I MISS YOU! Growing up I rarely got medicine of any kind. My mom was the type who believed in letting illness work itself out. Then I went to college and dorm and cafeteria life hit me hard. I caught everything that came down the pike and many things that nobody else got. I quickly discovered Nyquil, the miracle drug. I loved Nyquil when I was sick. I only used it when I was sick, but what a wonderful thing it was then -- it did all the ads promised and I would usually wake up feeling much better. Since college I haven't been sick all that much, but when I do catch something I long for Nyquil. Unfortunately for me, I've been pregnant or nursing for the last 4 years straight now, so no drugs for me. Yesterday, I woke with a fever and a cold that had turned into a sinus infection. It would have been the perfect day to take my beloved Nyquil, but no such luck. The baby doesn't need to be getting any drugs passed on to her and besides we spent most of the day co-sleeping so I could get more naptime and I didn't want to be too out of it lest I roll over on her or something. Someday I know I'll be done with having babies and nursing though, and when that time comes and I get sick -- please pass the Nyquil.

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