Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Poll Shows Most People Cannot Name Any Democratic Candidate for 2004: "( - A public opinion poll taken by CBS News shows that two-thirds of the American people are unable to recall the name of any Democrat running for president in next year's election. "So far, many voters have not yet made up their mind who to vote for in 2004," CBS reported. The poll contacted a random sample of 910 adults nationwide who were interviewed by telephone May 9-12, 2003. With the primaries almost a year away and 18 months to go until the election, the Democratic candidates for president are "not yet well-enough known for most respondents to volunteer any of their names. Only 34 percent of people can offer the name of at least one of those challengers - including only 36 percent of Democrats who say they can." The candidate most frequently recalled was Sen. Joe Lieberman (Conn.), who ran for vice president in 2000 and was remembered by about 10 percent of the individuals polled." ... I wonder how many people will be able to come up with the name of the SNL actors who do the best caricature of the Democratic candidates...

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