Monday, May 05, 2003

SELF-AWARENESS, PEOPLE! PLEASE! Warm weather is here in the South and as usual this means people wear fewer and fewer articles of clothing and the clothing they do wear is skimpier and skimpier. While such items really seem hardly appropriate for anyone, do the heavier-set among us really think that it is a good idea to show off those extra layers of folds and fat? I don't particularly enjoy seeing teenage girls with perfect bodies exposing their bellies and most of their chests, nor do I like them parading in front of my husband, but most people (even teenagers) don't have perfect bodies and it would be nice if they recognized that fact. Instead we see women carrying an extra 50 pounds and several years past teenager-hood dressed in tube tops and those little exercise shorts with writing across the rear that make even size 0 women look like their derriere is huge. And less men think to escape my wrath on the subject, why do so manny think we want to see most of them uncovered when they run? Sure the women in swimsuits or bras are bad, but I don't want to look at men's chests either -- especially not the hairy, ape-like ones who seem desirous of showing off their manly chest and back-hair. Put on a shirt and some decent shorts, folks, and spare the rest of us the view!

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