Tuesday, May 13, 2003

STOP RUINING IT FOR THE REST OF US! Stephen Joseph, a lawyer out in California is trying to get Oreos banned from the state until Kraft stops making them with trans-fats. We all know that trans-fats probably aren't great for us, but then we all should know that processed foods aren't great for us. That's why one's diet shouldn't be founded on chips, cookies and things like that, but why shouldn't we be able to eat a few indigestible, fatty foods once in a while? Though I usually prepare almost everything from scratch and try to eat a diet of unprocessed whole foods, I, for one, am sick of the health nazis telling me what to eat and what not to eat. If I want to go on an Oreo binge and stuff myself full of trans-fats, I should be able to without the nanny state looking over my shoulder. When I wind up weighing 500 pounds, I think I'll sue Stephen Joseph for creating the unique mental anguish that caused me to gorge myself.

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