Friday, July 30, 2004

Blogroll Additions

When I find myself going to a new blog daily to see what they've posted for a week or two, I figure it is time to add them to the blogroll.  I don't always get around to making an announcement about it, so sometimes a blogger may find themselves on the blogroll without any fanfare.  This time though, I thought I'd mention that I've added three new (to me) blogs. 

Tea In The Afternoon is written by a homeschooling mom of eight children -- and Marc wonders how I find the time to blog!

Martha has beautiful descriptions of the sights and smells of a garden -- along with other interesting topics such as discussions of Christian music -- at her site The Good Earth.  I wish she lived close enough to me so we could trade plants.

And finally, I've added another mom-blogger, Rachel, who just posts a variety of good and interesting things.

I find a lot of new blogs that interest me from comments and sitemeter links, so if there is anyone lurking out there that wants to be found -- please comment and leave your blog link.

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