Friday, July 30, 2004

A Bonus Question

As a Friday bonus question to yesterday's political Thursday Three, I want to know if anyone really thinks that hiring Ann Coulter or Jonah Goldberg to cover the DNC is the equivalent of hiring Michael Moore to cover the RNC?

First, of all, I think hiring one person with a hard bias towards either side is not getting balanced coverage and that USAToday is acting like a high school newspaper to do it that way. But second, even Ann Coulter, who is very right wing has never seemed to me to be as far out there in, what should be the fringes, as Michael Moore is. And Jonah Goldberg, though not a moderate, is not to be compared in any way. Not to mention that two out of the three seem to generally base thier statements in fact and write with humor, while the other does neither.

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