Tuesday, July 20, 2004

It's Gonna Cost You

Over the last week or so, our oven has not been heating correctly and by the weekend, it was at least 150 degrees lower than it thought it was.  So I called appliance service places yesterday and found one that only charged a $35 service fee as opposed to $50 like most places and could come out right away.  The guy came out and couldn't get it to give him either the code that the sensor was faulty or the code that the digital board was on the fritz, but it pretty much has to be one of those. 

He thinks it is the sensor which costs $230 for the part and labor to replace it.  We thought about just getting a new range, which we could do for not that much more -- Sears has a scratch and dent store nearby, where I think we could get something similar for about $340, but we decided to try fixing this one for now.  I hate being under pressure to decide and besides, we'd love to do some more major stuff to our kitchen in a few years and I don't want to lock us into a new stove when maybe we could get a nicer one down the road.

The part wasn't in, so the range should be fixed this afternoon and then tomorrow the tree guys are supposed to be coming to get the big branch off our roof.

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