Friday, July 16, 2004

Library Books

For those of you who are regular library goers, about how many books do you get per week?

This past week, the kids and I went a little overboard and checked out about 60 books.  Since we are allowed 25 per card, I had to use three cards just to check them all out.  Some of my friends just about keeled over at our book haul, but although that was more than usual, we do usually bring home about 40 books.  Children's books are fast reads and we like some variety.  We may own more books than we will ever read, but that never stops us from checking more out.  The Boy probably gets between 15 and 20 beginning reader type of books, although he's starting to move on to a few longer chapter books like the Cam Jansen mysteries, and I get an equal number of picture books and fairy tales to read to the kids at bedtime.  We usually read three or four of those each night.  We've read some longer books at bedtime, but The Boy really seems to enjoy those more when we listen to them in the car, perhaps because books without pictures are more interesting when one is awake enough to imagine what is going on.

And once in a while, I even check out something for Justin or for me to read.

We like our books, and I guess even if we are a little on the extreme side of book checking out, we'll probably keep on going the same way as always.   

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