Thursday, July 29, 2004

Live From Boston Nashville -- It's The Thursday Three!

I've learned a number of things this week, including the fact that I'm really bad at coming up with ideas under pressure and that Terry has been doing a great job thinking of three questions almost every week for the past sixteen weeks. In this, the seventeenth installment of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three (which anyone can play along with either on their own blog or in the comments section here), I decided after spending a lot of time dwelling on questions like: What is your name? What is your quest? And what is your favorite color? and after concluding LittleA's suggestion that we list our three most invasive surgeries in honor of Miss Reba's endoscopy, to be a bit gross, and my husband's suggestion of "What wouldn't you do for love, money, and power?" to be too hard (for those of us hungry for love, money and power anyway), that we should go with an Democratic theme in honor of the Convention going on up North. So without further ado:
  1. Name three good things about Democrats (if possible consider this from a Republican's perspective).
  2. Name three bad things about Democrats (if possible consider this from a Democrat's perspective).
  3. If you are a Republican/Conservative, what would it take to make you vote for a Democrat? If you are a Democrat/Liberal, what would it take to make you vote for a Republican?

My answers? Oh right, I have to answer these things. Maybe I'll go back to my first list of Holy Grail questions...Oh all right...

1. (a) Democrats tend to be idealists. While I may think that idealism is often naive, foolish and leads to bad policies, idealism is not a bad thing in itself. We love our children for their faith in the beauty and goodness of the world around them and there is something wonderful about idealism.

(b) Democrats often don't live down to their ideals. The majority of Democrats that I know get married, stay married, and don't abort inconvenient babies. They raise their children to respect authority and become useful parts of society. They participate in the free market and start businesses. Many of them also follow an organized religion and raise their families in some sort of faith.

(c) Many liberals are healthily skeptical of mass consumerism and will push through new trends and new ideas -- not to mention new products and stores -- that benefit us all. The return towards breastfeeding and attachment parenting didn't come from conservatives, although they should not be politically defining. The drive to move back into cities and renovate older homes is also not political, but probably most "urban pioneers," at least judging by my neighborhood, were not conservatives. Etc.

2. (a) Democrats are far too wedded to the education system we have. There seem to be increasingly obvious signs that the current system isn't working and we need changes -- not just vouchers, but reforms like elevating good teachers and getting rid of the bad ones are necessary, but seem unlikely to ever be embraced by Dems.

(b) Racially divisive politics. I don't believe it does anyone any good to divide us into little categories. To separate people and encourage them to think in their group and not for the benefit of the greater good.

(c) Embracing, not distancing themselves from the radical left. Michael Moore is an extremist. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are extremists. They should not be part of the mainstream -- invited to speak at conventions or invited to sit in Presidential boxes.

3. When would I vote for a Democrat? At this point, the only Democratic candidates I would consider voting for would be in local elections. I admit to being very partisan, but honestly there is no single issue that would drive me to vote for a Democrat. In a race with a pro-choice Republican and a pro-life Democrat, I would probably still vote for the Republican. While I would regret their stand on that issue, I would probably find that that candidate was still far more likely to support other things I support than the Democrat. So there you have it.

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