Thursday, July 22, 2004

Love Is A Burning Thing

It's not even Valentine's Day, but Terry is feeling all ooshy-gooshy in this, the Sixteenth Thursday Three.

1) Who was your first sweetheart?

My first love was Benny. We knew each other practically from birth, played together all the time and were best friends. It was with Benny that I experienced my first and only femme fatale, love triangle moment, when he pushed my other friend Teddy into a pond after church (there are two ponds visible in front of the building and I think Teddy went for a dive into the one on the right) one day for playing with me. I kissed Benny during story time in Kindergarten and the school we went to went out of their way to put us in separate first grades, because they thought Benny needed more male friends and I needed to hang out with the girls more. In the middle of first grade, my family moved away to Phoenix anyway, and so our romance dwindled away. Our moms are still in touch though, and I hear he got married a few years ago. Sniff.

2) Of the person you love the very most, which of their character traits of do you find most appealing?

As so many people have said, only one? I guess the very best thing of all about my husband is his ability to live with me. He knows when to take care of me and when to tell me to cut out the crap. He understands me very well and makes me a better person through association with him. I just hope I do half as for him.

3) Of all the inanimate objects in your possession, are there any for which you have--if not love--then at least a powerful affection?

I admit to having several inanimate objects that mean a lot to me.

I have a few books from my childhood Who's Got the Apple and Miss Suzy that are especially beloved.  The first is one my dad brought home for me during a period when we were still loving in California, but he had already begun his PhD in Arizona.  He read it to me and I read it and that particular copy is very well worn.  I have another copy to read to the kids.  Miss Suzy was originally at my grandparents' house, but we nabbed it at some point.  It is the only book I've ever seen with actual bookworm holes gnawed into it.

Besides those two books, I have two bears, Murphy, who was given to me by a family friend and an old Winnie the Pooh that my parents bought for me when I was about three at Disneyland.

There are a few other things I have that mean a lot because they have a long family history, but I think the things above are the inanimate objects I am most attached to in my own right.

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