Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Original Content? We Don't Need No Steenking Original Content!

Lots of people are posting interesting stuff today, but I'm tired, hungry and trying to come up with three questions for which I actually want an answer. Therefore, I present a round-up of what's going on everywhere but here.

LittleA is writing about bumper stickers. A spin-off from Big Arm Woman complaining about them a while back. Have you ever noticed that while a Republican or conservative might have a sticker on their bumper proclaiming support for a candidate, you rarely see a car covered in bumper stickers that isn't over on the far left. We don't really do bumper stickers, though I would do non-stick window clings. If I were going to put some catchy slogans on the back of my car, I'd probably buy them here.

This is a few days old, but Amy from Amy Loves Books got a key to her very own classroom. Everyone should go congratulate her on finishing her graduate degree and moving on to getting paid for warping impressionable young minds. Or maybe that's just what I would do if they let me in a classroom.

Nathan is looking at a CDC report on condoms and pointing out the weasel-words they use. What does "essentially impermeable barrier" really mean?

Susanna has written a letter to her students on why she isn't responsible for their self-esteem. I would like to add that she and other professors are also not responsible for students not getting or not keeping scholarships, if the students do not work to the level required. During my time as a TA in grad school, I had one student trying to get a scholarship who was about average, but not working really hard in class -- and yet when I gave him an A- or a B+ for my part of his class grade, he went over my head and tried to get me fired for unfair treatment, because with that grade he wouldn't get the scholarship.

If you meet the qualifications for any of the Sixteen Things That Deserve a Good Slap that Tony Woodlief listed yesterday, please keep it under wraps. I find I like some people more the less I know about them. And be sure to check out the picture of Caleb, Tony's son, suited up in armor and ready to do battle.

Suburban Blight is finally back, but with a new job and a full-time preschooler, who knows how much Kelley will get to post.

As Alan from Theosebes says, "Mmmmm, okra!" I might need to try it steamed. We have two okra plants in our garden, and have found that even for us three would be better to have enough fresh at any one time. We usually fry it, since that mitigates the snot-like slime factor. How do you like your okra?

More food? How about flat peaches and square watermelons? Yum.

When she's not worried about fish that won't poop or academics who think they are better than the unwashed masses, Big Arm Woman is going through the adventures of Truculent Poop-Head Boy.

Some people must actually clean house. I like clean houses. I envy clean houses. I just don't like to do what it takes to have one that is particularly clean. Carrie from Redhaired Girl asks, "What areas of housework are you willing to let slide? What's "negotiable," as far as you are concerned? How long are you usually willing (and able) to let it go?" And the answer is just about everything is negotiable as far as I'm concerned and I can let it slide until it grosses me out or gets in my way.

If I keep going I might as well have written my own stuff, so that's all for now.

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