Thursday, July 22, 2004

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

This has been an interesting week. We've had the oven, the huge tree limb on the roof, taking food to a friend waaaaay out in the 'burbs and on top of all that, when the repairman came to fix the oven, the dog managed to hit the French door in such a way as to send one of the panes of glass shattering across the morning room, where both kids were sitting (no human or canine injuries though, thank goodness). So buying a new back door is next on the list, since a piece of cardboard doesn't do much good.

If that weren't enough, I started having cramping and Braxton-Hicks contractions yesterday. I've never felt a single one throughout my pregnancies before, and they were coming fairly often, so that was a bit worrisome. Justin came home and lunchtime and took care of the kidlets so I could lie down and even arranged for someone else to watch them today for me.

Things are looking up though. The branch was removed this morning and the roofer stopped by when he said he would (a first!), said we had no damage at all, didn't charge us for the visit. I also went to the doctor this morning just to make sure all was well and everything looks to be fine. No indications that this kid is trying to make an early arrival and my doctor also added that after two full-term pregnancies, the likelihood of an extremely early delivery is greatly diminished. Thank goodness. He told me to take it easy, not do anything stupid and to rest more.

The kids are out of the house until 4 o'clock, which means, I think I may just go take a nap.

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