Tuesday, July 13, 2004

So What Have I Been Doing?

Before the whole blog disappearing thing, the Adams family packed up the new-to-us minivan and headed north to the land of my ancestors. Okay, so none of my ancestors are really from Ohio, but my parents are and since they always come down to see us, we hadn't been up there in over three years. The kids weren't all that bad in the car -- and we didn't even break down and take a DVD player with us or anything. Books-on-CD, music, etch-a-sketches, lots of paper, crayons, and stickers and books for the boy to read -- along with lots of crackers, raisins and grapes kept the kids pretty well entertained. We took a few long stops along the way too, which made the 7.5 hour trip take about 11 hours, but we made it with most of the sanity we had when we started the trip.

Visiting my family is fun and seeing the little town I went to junior high and high school in is always somehow comforting, even though time certainly hasn't stood still there, but going home also isn't always the easiest thing either. You can't, of course, go home again and find it the way you left it. When you, the kid, leave home and make your own way, you develop quirks and ways of doing things that your parents didn't do and of course, they do things that they didn't do when they had kids around. In my parents' case, this means that my old family home has slowly been filled with all the antiques and great bargains that one in the family who loves to shop for such things can't resist. I'm often the recipient of this largesse and wouldn't have a furnished house without it, so I can't complain exactly, but my parents' large 5 bedroom house is so full and completely unchild-friendly (though the kids did great and didn't break anything) that we had to stay at a friend's house down the street where there was a bit more order and less chaos.

On the other hand, it was fun to spend time in the garden where my mom has made quite an oasis and it was fun to do some of the simple things that had become almost a tradition before I grew up -- like making trips to the grocery store with my dad and cooking up meals with him. I wished that I'd seen or recognized some of the people I knew growing up, other than my parents' friends, but I guess like me, they've all grown up and moved away too.

All in all, though, it was a fun visit with a great pops concert on the town square and then the requisite fireworks on the Fourth of July and a chance to revisit places I hadn't been to in quite a while.

We came home to a garden run wild, but nothing had died while we were gone, which is always good. We now are overwhelmed with cherry tomatoes -- yum -- and the melons are ripening quickly. Some places are putting their summer flowers on sale now, so I bought some more perennials to add to my beds and fill in some bare spots where the creeping phlox hasn't crept to my satisfaction. I got the coolest dark purple daisy that I just love, among other things.

And other than the usual running around and such, I think that about all that's been going on since I disappeared. No doubt, more will be forthcoming later.

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