Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Storms, Trees and The Aftermath

As the weatherwoman on Channel 2 told us about one thousand times last night we had a classic bow echo thunderstorm pass through our area last night. It was a rather strange event, since from our perspective it seemed to come out of nowhere, though we heard once we got the news on that it really came from Chicago. We got home from our neighborhood meeting, got the kids cleaned up a bit and all ready for bed and I was up there in their room reading to them when the lights dimmed, flickered and went out. About the time Justin got the flashlight they were back on, but then out again, and then on and then they stayed on. Justin had been outside putting stuff in our recylcling bin and about the time he walked back in the house the power went out for the first time. Then the winds kicked up and we heard a CRASH SCRAPE over our heads, so we bundled the kids downstairs to find out what was going on.

Why what do you know? A bow echo thunderstorm was headed our way -- and as we know now, the rain and all in proceeded by a front of light rain and big nasty winds. Finally though it was all over and we put the kids back in bed and fell asleep ourselves.

This morning we discovered the cause of the great crashing, scraping sound. A big limb from our neighbor's tree had fallen on our roof. We can't tell yet what damage, if any was done to the roof, but eventually when the tree people get done with everyone else's tree problems we'll find out.

In the meantime, just driving around the neighborhood was exciting. We saw five or six trees or chunks of trees down within our small section of town and of course, most of them had fallen across the road. And so clean-up begins. The good thing, at least, is that I haven't heard any major injuries.

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