Tuesday, July 27, 2004

What A Gas

After three trips to Home Depot, several moments of wishing to pound one's head into the nearest wall and the ultimate realization that the range had come with a hose for a gas dryer, the household super handyman managed to install the range all by himself (and we don't even smell gas!), so we didn't have to pay someone for that simple task. Which is nice, because what with the original repair bill and the dog putting his foot through a pane of glass in the backdoor while the repairman was here, this has already been the most expensive range you will ever run across.

After checking out doors at Home Depot and Lowes over the weekend, the kids and I went to a couple of door and window shops today. Unfortunately, we happen to want about the most expensive style patio door out there and in this case, I'm not sure I want to compromise too much. The big stores are much cheaper, but still not cheap, and I have to say that I was much more impressed with the salesmen at the stores that do only that work. They seem to know what they are doing, while the guys at Lowes and Home Depot while semi-helpful, did not seem to be very well-versed in the whole thing.

You may ask why we want to replace the whole door when only a pane of glass is broken, which does not seem like an illogical question, until you also know that the door is all wood, scratched to pieces by a previous owner's dog, aided in the scratching by our dog, starting to rot at the bottom, and single-paned so that it leaks air like crazy. We had already planned to replace it soon. Just not quite this soon.

Life gets expensive at times.

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