Thursday, August 12, 2004

And Speaking of School

This week's Thursday Three is all about school.

1. When were you most excited about starting back to school and why?
I was really excited every time I started a new school with new people. I didn't have really good friends in school until college, but I always hoped I would make a Best Friend at a new school. I changed schools a lot, by the way -- one for Kindergarten and part of first grade, then another for part of first grade, and another for the end of first grade, a new school district and school for second and third grade, a new school in that same district for fourth grade, another different school in the same district for fifth and sixth grades. In seventh grade we moved to another state, where I did seventh and eighth grades at the junior high, and freshman, part of sophomore and all of my senior high school year. Half of my sophomore year was spent at Oak Ridge High School in Tennessee -- my favorite school until college. I skipped my junior year of high school.

2. Did you like school in general and why/why not?
I did generally like school, teachers, and tater tots, but the other kids not so much.

3. If you had it to do over again would you do anything differently in school?
I'd spend less time worrying about the big meanie kids and wishing I could be popular. I'd probably also have gone out on a date with the really nice zit-faced guy who asked me -- it wasn't like anyone else asked and he was really sweet and had a lot of cool calculators. I also would have spent four years in college instead of only three, but I don't regret skipping a year of high school at all.

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