Monday, August 16, 2004

Close Encounters with a Curious Four-Year Old

Why? Why not? How come? Every once in a while I just have to put a temporary gag order on questions because my brain is full. Most of the time I attempt to answer whatever the boy poses. Once in a while I'm proud of my ability to answer the question well. Although the questions may fly thick and fast, in general I don't mind him asking me just about anything. I'm not sure how I feel about letting him speak to our friends and neighbors anymore though.

This being Nashville we have a neighbor in the music industry (well we have several, but they aren't all involved) and this particular neighbor wears his hair in one of those "cool" styles that involves spending time achieving the look my husband rolls out of bed with every morning. The Boy asked him one day why he never washed his hair.

There was the other neighbor who walked past with his dog on a Sunday morning as we were loading into the car to go to church. The Boy called out his hellos and greetings and asked him why he wasn't going to church too.

But the kicker question was when we had to take the children to a visitation for the mother of a very dear friend -- The Boy ran up to give her a hug, took one look at the open casket and said, "Why is her skin still on? I thought we'd get to see a skeleton!" And then spent the rest of the time talking about "that dead person over there."

Fortunately, no one has taken his questions in the wrong way or been hurt by them and the question of going to church is certainly one that never hurts someone to be asked and perhaps think about more. Still, I could do with a little less refreshing honesty around here at times.

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