Tuesday, August 24, 2004

A Door! A Door! A Door For My Kingdom!

It has only been a month or so, and we hate to rush into anything, but the cardboard over the broken pane on our back door is looking a little ragged. After getting prices from almost every door and window place in town and realizing we really did not want to take out a loan for a door nor spend everything we have in savings for one, we decided against all the ones that had everything we wanted.

The carpenter we've used before came over yesterday, gave us an estimate right within the expected range and told us that should his other project end on time, he could get to us this week. We went out an bought this door today. With certainty, we are not getting a wonderful door, but after all the looking and worrying, getting a fairly inexpensive door was the first option Justin and I both felt at peace with.

We don't want to spend oodles of money on that kind of thing and we don't have oodles to spend even if we wanted to. Going into debt for a door seemed insane to us. I'm really pleased with this route and I can't wait to have a non-rotting, non-cardboard covered backdoor. And in the end, that's really the main thing I care about.

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