Thursday, August 12, 2004

I Need a Giant W for the Back of My Car

I'm not really very in your face about politics. Sure, I happen to think the other side is usually completely wrong, foolish, misguided and occasionally evil -- but I usually keep those things to myself. Partisan? Most people would never have any idea how much of a partisan I am.

When I went to a parent meeting for all The Boy's preschool/Kindergarten classmates last night, I was struck by the number of political bumper stickers of one type and another. I was also struck by the huge lack of diversity among those stickers. It was almost enough to make me slap on a giant W before I went back this morning to help get things ready. Almost. I'm just not in your face enough. I want The Boy to have friends and I'd like to be friends at least superficially with these people, and I don't know if announcing my preferences is the best way to start out. Especially, considering that most liberals tend to think all conservatives are far more stupid and evil than I ever think them.

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