Monday, August 09, 2004

I Need A Vacation

This weekend was cooler than normal and somehow that was an inspiration for us to finish projects. You know all those little things that you get almost done, but there is something that you need to do to make them truly completed? This was the weekend to catch up on those.

Last December for his birthday, The Boy got a toy kitchen. It had originally belonged to a preschool and after many years of use by hundreds of pygmies, was not in good shape. Before the birthday, we sanded, primed and painted the main pieces (a sink, a cupboard and a range) and came up with new burners (creatively using rubber coasters). We never quite got around to sanding the doors, installing the knobs for the range, putting on the aforementioned doors or finding something to use as a faucet for the sink.

After a morning watching a bit of a Titans scrimmage with the Falcons, a missed opportunity to eat funnelcake and a trip to the Farmer's Market for melons and berries, we came home and set to work sanding, priming and painting the doors.

After church the next day we headed to Lowes to get hinges and all the other little bits and pieces we needed to finish this thing up. Last night, doors were installed, knobs were placed, and all the little doohickies and what-nots were applied. Except for the sink piece, which we still have to work on. We think we have a "faucet" for it though, so perhaps by this weekend the whole thing will actually be done.

Lest, you think that was the only project though, we also primed and painted a medallion to go over one of our ceiling fixtures, fixed some loose kitchen knobs, installed hook locks on the shutters in the living room, replaced a handle on a teeter-toter that the dog had gnawed, finally got a second coat on some of the trim for the front door we "finished" several months ago and did some basic cleaning and such as well. Of course, all of you are probably fully aware that 95.673% of the credit for all of this work does not belong to me, but I did lend moral support and a bit of painting.

Of course, we both stayed up far too late and I've now picked up the cold my germ-laden children had last week, so I'm filled with sniffles today and probably not going to do anything more for a while. I suspect that what started out a few weeks ago as a backlash against clutter has indeed turned into early nesting. This is the first child I've actually had a chance to "nest" for, so perhaps I'm making up for lost time. With the first we were in an apartment and with the second we had just moved into our house, so any nesting instinct got swallowed up by just plain unpacking and moving in stuff. At least, this is all either nesting or an awareness of just how little I'll be able to do with three kids around. Yikes, what am I getting myself into?

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