Friday, August 13, 2004

I'm Just A Girl

I hate admitting total incompetence in an area that shouldn't really require much brain power, but today I discovered once again that knowing the theory of something doesn't mean that I'm not just a girl who is helpless in the face of a car's engine.

A few weeks ago, we realized that the battery on the minivan was weak, but after a jumpstart, it was working okay -- so I ignored it and hadn't quite gotten around to taking the car some place to get a new battery. Today, I went out, got the kids all bucled in, and click, click, click. Dead battery.

My 80-something year old neighbor was on his porch and was perfectly willing to give me a jump. So I pulled out the super-duper heavy jumper cables, only to realize that I had never actually used them before. Whenever I've needed a jumpstart, some youngish, able-bodied man had been around to do all the connecting and everything. My first problem was my neighbor's battery, which is sideways and in a corner, where I could see the positive connector -- but it only had the teeniest bit of metal to clip on to and I could barely see and couldn't reach the negative side. My second problem was that I had a really hard time just getting the clips to clip without popping right back off. My attempt and being all mechanicy was doomed to failure and so I'm spending the day at home.

I could call AAA and get them to come out, but I don't really want to pay our mechanic for a battery and I would definitely not know how to change one myself -- so I'll wait for the man of the family and admit that cars are a complete and total mystery and I'm just glad they get me where I need to go most of the time.

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