Monday, August 16, 2004

Pocket Axes

Since today is all about my children and what they say, let me just mention one of the weirder little intra-familial phrases -- "pocket ax." What is this tool, you might ask? And do I need one? If you are either four or two years of age and like to go camping in England (which is located in my morning room) this tool, which is known to those not in the know as a matchbox car, is essential to carry in a pocket and have on the table at all meals. It can chop firewood from anything and is useful in all sorts of situations. In fact, it can also ward off enemies and is especially handy for sibling-head whacking -- even when one doesn't need firewood.

When my daughter runs up to someone and hands them a pocket ax, I can't imagine what they'll think. At least from her, they'll probably figure they just can't understand what she said. From her brother, the inventor of the phrase, it comes out perfectly clearly.

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