Monday, August 02, 2004


I never thought I'd be sending my kid off to preschool. I never thought I'd be sending him off to school at all, but he started begging to go to preschool like his friends from church, categorically refused to consider the idea of homeschooling, I got pregnant with baby #3 and we figured out that we might not be ready, at this time, to try homeschooling. So we looked around at preschools and decided to go with the local Waldorf school, even if they are probably all left-wingers and we're part of the VRWC, we still liked the basic educational style and philosophy -- and signing up for the mixed-age preschool/Kindergarten isn't a long-term commitment to keeping our children there anyway.

All this was fairly theoretical back in the Spring when we filled out the paperwork and went to visit and all. Now it isn't so theoretical. Preschool starts in a couple of weeks and The Boy is thrilled. Justin is fine, but every time I think about it, I'm torn up. I know it is only three days per week and only in the mornings, but I've never spent that much time apart from him. Sure, I'll love having only one kid to chase around some of the time for the last few months of this pregnancy and I'm glad he'll be there to play with other kids and do all the fun things they'll be doing, but I'm going to miss him. And it means he's really moving on and not going to be a little kid anymore. I know he's already not a little kid, but now he'll really not be a little kid and he'll be doing tons of stuff that I'm not around for. He'll be making friends that I don't really know. Wahhhh! No, I'm not an overly emotional pregnant basketcase -- sniff -- why do you ask?

The Kindergarten teachers from the school actually go around and visit every kid at their home before school starts so that they can get to know the child and see what sort of situation he is coming from. I think it is a neat idea, although the paranoid part of me is paranoid about it. They scheduled their home visit for this Thursday, so that means school is really almost ready to start -- and my baby will be leaving. Waaaaaaahhhh!

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