Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Yard Signs

We did it. We got a Bush/Cheney yard sign. It actually hasn't made it off the front porch yet, due to a long-winded discussion (who us?) about whether it should be stuck in the tree lawn, hung on the fence or hung on the porch rail, but we have one. I've never actually put a yard sign out before. I had a Bush/Quayle sign in my dorm room that I got when I went to hear Bush the Elder speak in 1992, but I've never put out a sign before where the world at large could see it.

My neighbors with their Kerry signs don't seem to agonize over what people will think of them if they put out a sign. I wonder why I worry so much? Why does putting a political sticker on the back of my car or a political sign in my yard cause me such stress. I want to make my opinions known. I'm not wishy-washy. I've never even understood the concept of the "undecided voter."

And yet here I am, nervous about sticking out a yard sign. What will the neighbors think? "There go the property values -- we have Republicans next door, eeeeeeewwwwww!" Some how I doubt it. Though maybe, since that's sort of my reaction to the opposing side's signs.

But we have the sign. It will be stuck out there somewhere soon. Getting the sign was a hard first step and putting it up for all to see isn't easy either, but it is going up -- eventually.

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