Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I'm in Love...

I've been wondering for the past few days why Zell Miller was speaking at the Republican Convention. I was wondering if we were just trying to be all touchy-feely and non-partisan, but no. What a powerful speech. There were so many great lines that it would be hard to even get them all down. The spitball comment rises to the top of my list though, and I liked the slightly Southern expression about G.W. being the same man on Saturday night and Sunday morning. I wonder how many of the Godless Left took a minute to figure that one out. I can't think when I've heard a better speech. How long can Miller remain a Democrat though? It boggles my mind that he could stick with them after making that speech, but then again, he's had plenty of opportunities to split and hasn't done it.

One way or another, although speeches probably don't ulitimately make that big a difference, this one sure made a difference for me. Sure, I'm a right-wing partisan, but some things push me on more than others and this was one of them.

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