Thursday, September 16, 2004

Tired and Cranky

The title pretty much sums up my current mood. Nothing much is happening here weather-wise, except a light drizzle which they tell us will become real rain tonight. All these hurricanes remind me again why I am so happy living far in-land. Living at the beach may be just the thing for many, many people, but I'll be happy to let them keep it.

I finally wasn't a total insomniac last night, but since I was a weepy hormonal mess until midnight -- not for any particular reasons I wish to discuss, but needless to say mostly just because I'm sleepy and uncomfortable --I'm still exhausted. I did manage to get the cars registration taken care of for another year and with that I am considering myself officially done with errand running for the day.

Cross your fingers that The Girl takes a real nap today. I really need one.

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