Thursday, September 09, 2004

Toyful, Toyful, We Adore Thursday

Toys. We have a lot of them around the house, but not too many of them were once mine. The Axis of Weevil Commander and Chief desires the following information about those childhood playthings of yesteryear.

1. Do YOU still have any of the toys you had from when you were a child?
My mother's habit of never getting rid of anything means that there are many of my toys still around the parental compound, but down here with me I have but two. And those are two teddy bears that went to college with me and have been everywhere since. I got Murphy and Pooh probably about the same time in my life at around three or four. A family friend bought me Murphy after I became enchanted with him in a store window and Pooh came from a family trip to Disneyland when we lived out in Pasadena. And here they are:

2. What was your very single most favorite toy of all time?
Oddly enough, I doubt it was either of those two bears. I love them, but I don't remember playing with them all the time or anything. In fact, I don't remember any toys being head and shoulders above the rest. I went through phases with assorted dolls, Star Wars figures, and many other things. My husband loved his Legos and GI Joes more than anything, but I don't remember having one toy or kind of toy that was the best thing ever. I probably spent more time reading and drawing than with any on toy.

3. What was the one toy you always craved but never received?
Only one? I always wanted an EZ Bake Oven and a toy sewing machine. I also wanted dolls for my dollhouse and went through a phase where I would have really liked to get a My Little Pony. But all those wishes went unfullfilled and hence I'm depraved on account of how deprived I was as a child. Or not.

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