Monday, October 18, 2004

All Sorts of Excitement

My, was this weekend thrilling! I made the kids felt crowns, finished my craft projects for the Waldorf school, got the Girl's hair cut, helped shred last year's papers (which always leaves me feeling like Lionel Hutz) and file all the papers we've been stuffing in our "to be filed" basket for a year. We also watched Ella Enchanted, which was fun even if it was kind of stupid. I packed bags for the kids should we have to make a run to the hospital, but haven't gotten around to packing much of my own. Of course, if you were expecting any sort of thrilling baby developments you are at the wrong place, although all the women at church think the baby looks lower.

And now since I'm still blogging in my pjs, I suppose I had better get cleaned up, make a grocery list and proceed with exciting decisions like bananas or apples or both?

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