Monday, October 18, 2004


It looks like beer. It tastes yucky like beer. But last time I checked, the actual alcohol content in non-alcoholic beer was negligible. Anyway, I bought some O'Douls today to use in beef stew since Cook's Illustrated said it worked well and my friends have often recommended beer as a stew base. If I'd thought anyone would think I was buying beer, I would have been more than a little embarassed -- not only because I don't drink and belong to a teetotalling church, but because I'm about as pregnant as pregnant can be and carting around a two year old besides.

I unloaded all my groceries and last but not least the near beer. Everything rings up and when they get to the final item, they scan it and stare at me expectantly. "Can I see your I.D. please?" I don't look that young and it is non-alcoholic beer, so I was a bit surprised, but I complied. The woman checking my I.D. had never heard of non-alcoholic beer and didn't seem to quite believe me when I told her that's what it was. Why would the computer ask for I.D. otherwise? She also told me that since the computer insists on a birthday for all alcoholic (or apparently alcoholic looking) beverages, they now card everyone -- even if they are 80.

The wonders of the computer age never cease.

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