Thursday, October 28, 2004

Haven't Done This In A While

It's Thursday and time for The Thursday Three.

1) Name your THREE favorite candies you hope for when you go trick-or-treating.

Dots, Sour Worms and Gummy Bears

2) Name your THREE favorite things at state/county fairs (food or exhibits or rides or animals or animal food rides or whatever).

frozen bananas, lemonade, and onion rings

As this is my blog and so I can do four things, I'll also add that I love the section where they have all the free pencils, ballons and other things. I love collecting all that junk.

3) Which THREE songs you would download for a cell phone?

If I had a cell phone, I might download music for it, though I kind of hate the personalized music one hears blaring from every phone in town, but who knows when I'll ever make that technological leap anyway or how I'll feel about it by then. Perhaps I would get The Doors' "Hello, I Love You" or better yet Homer Simpson saying, "D'oh!" But I'd probably just want an old fashioned telephone ring.

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