Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Political Signs

Ever since I blogged about putting a Bush/Cheney sign in my yard and how weird that felt, I've been getting more search engine hits for political yard signs than just about anything else. I've been getting an equal number of people searching for Kerry signs as Bush ones, and so I suspect I get a lot of disappointed people coming over here. I was surprised today to find out that Curmudgeonry is the number one search on MSN for "I want a Kerry sign in my yard". This blog and I sure wouldn't be much help there.

In other news, I finally broke down and got a "W the President" sticker for my van. I was going to get one for my husband's car, but The Boy insisted that his dad really needed the "Don't Be a Girlie-Man. Vote Republican." sticker. I doubt that will make it onto the car, but it is amusing and more amusing that my four year old loved it so.

Or perhaps the later isn't so surprising. His current favorite joke is to say, "Mom you are a M-A-N, and Dad you are a L-A-D-Y." This sends him into peals of laughter, as long as you don't suggest that he is a "G-I-R-L." Anything that keeps him interested in spelling, huh?

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