Monday, October 25, 2004

Theology -- Four Year Old Style

It sometimes amazes me what comes out of my four year old's mouth -- and not because he's usually saying stuff I don't want to hear -- usually I just marvel at how interesting he is and all the thoughts that the little chipmunks inside his head are processing.

Obviously he thinks about religion and God more than I realized. Here are some observations and questions from the past week or so.

On God:
The Boy: Do you think God has a wife?
Me: We never hear about one in the Bible, so probably not.
The Boy: But he made a wife for Adam so he wouldn't be lonely, so He probably has one Himself.

On the End of the World:
The Boy: When will the world cease to exist?
Justin: We don't know.
The Boy: Well, why will it?
Justin: God has a plan to create a new perfect world without the flaws in the this one.
The Boy: I like this world.
Justin: God is going to make a new, clean world some day.
The Boy: Will our house get destroyed? I think it is clean enough.

On Polytheism:
If God is everywhere, that's almost like having many gods. That's probably why the Greeks thought there were a lot of gods.

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