Thursday, October 07, 2004

What a Hassle!

We had some chimney sweeps in cleaning and inspecting the chimney. The news on which isn't all that great, but it is over 80 years old and originally designed for coal, so I guess we're lucky it works at all. That isn't the real point though, if that matters.

While the workmen were here, my darling little daughter decided to latch on to the word hassle and say it over and over and over again -- quite loudly. Her father and I probably say, "What a hassle!" rather frequently, being the types who hate being bothered -- or at least complain about it amongst ourselves before doing whatever is necessary. And so she hears all about these hassles. While I think The Girl generally speaks pretty clearly for her age, that h-sound is still not very distinct and so you would swear she's yelling a word that shouldn't be crossing such sweet little lips. It was especially nice when she started telling me that everyone in the family was a hassle. "Daddy 'assle. Brudder 'assle. Dog 'assle."

I wonder what the chimney sweeps thought we'd been saying in front of her.

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