Monday, November 15, 2004

Head Above Water...

Sunday was indeed a calmer day. The whole family made it to church for both morning and evening worship -- although we did miss about 15 minutes of Bible class. We'll have to work on the morning routine a bit more.

We had a nice calm afternoon between services. No real napping was done, but we did have a nice period where the kids wanted to listen to Tom Petty, The Boy read aloud from a book on bird watching, The Girl brought over one of our poetry collections and demanded "a story," and The Baby just snoozed. Sure it probably sounds bizarre to the rest of you, but it was pleasant.

The Baby had one episode of throwing up yesterday, but seems to be turning a corner and doing a lot better. She hasn't thrown up at all today. We had her two week checkup this morning and she's an ounce over her birth weight, so something is staying down.

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