Saturday, November 06, 2004

Ho-Hum, Nothing Much Going On Around Here...

Actually there really isn't much happening. There is a lot of baby watching on my part and she's doing the three things babies do best -- eating, sleeping and excreting. Otherwise, the older two are being pretty good and generally tolerating the new addition well.

The Boy takes it all in stride and has gotten out his sling and a baby doll -- his dad probably fears that I'm turning him into Alan Alda, but I'm not too worried. The Boy was a little worried that he couldn't breastfeed his baby because he didn't "have a wife," but he decided he could use a sportsbottle instead -- being the militant breastfeeder, I don't actually have any bottles around.

The Bigger Girl is being sweet as well and loves to "hold" her sister and sniff her hair and then declare, "Mmmm. 'Mell good." Being surplanted as the baby in the family isn't entirely easy though and she is more prone to nasty tantrums than before. She hasn't taken anything out on the tiny one though. It is amazing to me how my teeny-tiny two year old could have gotten so huge overnight. I saw it last time with The Boy, but it seems even more striking this time.

It sure was nice to have a baby daughter and see the candidate I wanted win all in just a two day span. It has been a good week.

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