Tuesday, November 30, 2004


I mentioned below that most of our ornaments are relatively unbreakable. Other than that some also belong to certain collections of ornaments. By which I don't mean Hallmark collections. We have a moose and caribou collection -- with some other woodland creatures thrown in for good measure. I seem to have picked up a lot of snowflakes and stars along the way and my husband has several airplanes.

Some of the ornaments are just pretty, but have no special significance other than the memories of a trip to Target. Others I love hanging up because of some association. There is the moose we got at Glacier National Park and the Buffalo from Yellowstone. The bell I won at a church Christmas party in Fairbanks. The two leather moose from Fairbanks, which we don't quite remember how we got two of. Some old fashioned Santas that my husband's grandmother gave us right after we got married are hanging up and well loved by the kids. Two special ornaments are my son's, given to him by a sweet old lady who died last January, but whom my son always took the time to say hello to and brighten her day. And then there is the B-2 bomber ornament I found for my husband knowing he'd enjoy it, that a friend later teased us about saying, "Nothing says peace and goodwill towards men like heavy artillery and bombs."

What's on your tree and what do you think about as you hang things up?

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