Tuesday, December 14, 2004

That's A Little Hard to Explain

I love black liquorice. I think it all stems back to visits with my grandparents. My grandfather liked black liquorice a lot, so they always had it around their house. If I was going to sneak candy, it was going to have to be liquorice. Later, my love of the stuff came in handy. I never had any problem getting everyone to give me all the black jelly beans and I never had to share.

Today I noticed that Altoids now makes curiously strong liquorice. I love their wintergreen and ginger flavors, so I had to buy the liquorice. If you really like black liquorice, it is very tasty. My children like black liquorice and wanted to try the Altoids. The older one wasn't so impressed, but the two year old is wandering around the house, sucking on her liquorice Altoid and telling me and her brother, "I like liquor!"

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