Thursday, January 27, 2005

All Creatures Great and Small

The Thursday Three takes on the subject of animals, both the eating and pet kinds, this week.

1) Of all animals, what is your absolute favorite one to eat?
While I probably eat chicken the most and love a good salmon filet or tuna steak, nothing beats a good medium-rare steak. Mmmm...yummy cow.

2) What is the most number of pets/livestock you have ever had at one time?
I think we had two parakeets and a rabbit all at the same time once. All of them boring pets. The rabbit died of heat stroke and the parakeets' cage got knocked over and they escaped to freedom.

3) Which of your pets is, or has been, your very most favorite?
Nana the Old English Sheepdog (pictured here with me and my brother's dog Aja) my parents had for 14 years was by far the best dog ever. Hobbes, our current canine floor mat, is decent, but doesn't compare to my childhood doggy love.

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