Monday, January 17, 2005

Best Friends

Thirteen years ago, I started college and met two of my best friends. We weren't immediately inseparable, in fact we've never been that type, but we've been buddies all this time. They were my two bridesmaids seven years ago. One lives a few miles from me now and the other a few states away. We don't see each other often, in fact, we've gotten bad about e-mailing and calling lately (at least I have), but I still think of them as two of my best friends.

This past weekend, the out-of-stater came down and stayed with my in-town friend. We spent a long time hanging out on Saturday and most of Sunday afternoon together. Although we aren't as close as we once were, it was marvelous to get together with old friends and catch up.

For me it was especially nice to go out without children and just hang out with friends. I never seem to do that any more. My two college friends are single and busy with careers and all that stuff. Not that they wouldn't be married and have children if the opportunity presented itself, but so far their lives have followed a totally different path from mine. We still think alike on many things, vote alike, read many similar books, but my life is different.

There are trade offs with both our lifestyles. I envy them for the trips they have taken over the years -- heading off to Europe when they felt like it and the two of them got to hang out in California together last Fall. Having small children and a husband, not to mention a house and a lot more expenses, means I can't join them on their adventures. Also, both of them have stayed super skinny while I have packed on many, many, many pounds since college.

But I have a house and a family. I don't come home to an empty house and I always have family around to keep me company. Sure, I come home to a messy house and all that family is loud, distracting and often too much company, but it is my path. My choice and one that I hope they will some day take too.

Whether or not our lives continue to head in different directions or head back towards more similar paths, I hope that we continue in our slackardly ways to be friends. Friends are can be hard to come by and I love the ones I have.

I'd love to be skinny like they are though.

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