Friday, February 18, 2005

No School? What Do You Mean 'No School?'

The Boy doesn't have school next week. It isn't exactly Spring Break. All the teachers are headed off to California for a conference. It's amazing how quickly one gets used to a school routine and comes to depend upon it.

I try to get errands run when I only have the girls, because although The Boy is the biggest and easiest, he also finds ways to drive The Girl batty and 95% of the time there is warfare when the two are together. Because they love arguing and fighting, I have also come to enjoy the peace and quiet that comes when I am home with only the girls. I also get some of this when The Girl and The Baby take a nap in the afternoon, but by then I'm usually tired too.

So next week -- no school days. No peace. No quiet. I'm hoping for good weather so I can throw the kids outside or take them to the zoo. (No, I swear I won't leave them there. No really.)

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