Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Of Dogs And Toddlers

Since she turned two, The Girl has mostly stopped eating dog food. She seems to understand that that is pretty yucky. That's not to say she leaves the dog's food and water alone though.

While I was diapering The Baby this morning, I heard splashing. When I got to the kitchen, I found two soaking wet pink socks sitting on the wood floor and her brother's big stuffed Clifford in front of the dog food. After dancing in the dog water, she'd decided to feed the stuffed animal.

I said, "Let's not stick our feet in the dog's water. He has to drink it."
"Is that yucky?"
"Dog food is yucky for my mouth. Hobbes eats it."
"Just because he eats yucky food, doesn't mean he needs yucky water."
"I like to stick my feet in Hobbes' water."

Yes, I apparently am just keeping a mini-wading pool in the kitchen.

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