Thursday, March 31, 2005


The Boy and The Girl are already fond of a great many muscians and bands that their parents like. The Boy regularly asks us to play Johnny Cash -- especially When The Man Comes Around. The Girl goes around singing an interesting medley of She Drives Me Crazy, Wild Thing, Yer So Bad and Angels From the Realms of Glory. I guess we'd been neglecting The Beatles though.

Last week I popped a Beatles CD into the car stereo and it was an instant it. The Boy was very taken with the music and is his wont for anything he's into, he asked for Beatles coloring pictures (available on the web amazingly enough) and is making us all play The Beatles. For some reason, he's decided his favorite Beatle is Ringo. His dad is now John Lennon. I requested Paul McCartney, because if I have to be a Beatle, I want at least to be the cute one. The Girl is left to be George Harrison. The Baby doesn't get a role.

I now hear Love Me Do day and night, in addition to the other music around here.

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