Friday, March 11, 2005


Postpartum depression is both relatively well publicized and at the same time rather hidden. Most women who suffer from it don't like to talk about it. Who wants to say they are turning into screaming monsters who want to be far, far away from the children they wanted so much and know they should love more than anything? The women feel terrible and know that they don't want to think the thoughts running through their heads, which makes them feel worse. It's hard to talk to one's husband when the thoughts are ones you want to supress and even harder to force yourself to 'fess up to a doctor. I know all this, because I've been through it, especially after my second child was born, and even now four months after the birth of my third child, I find myself fighting back the mean, nasty side of myself on many days.

I have not gone through the struggles of this as intensely as Amy nor did I have the health issues for myself or the NICU to deal with, but I can relate and understand what she writes in her very vulnerable and revealing four part story of her son's birth.

A Baby Story -- Part One of A Tale I Don't Tell

Part Two -- Birth

Part Three -- All We Need to Know of Hell

The End: The Monster

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