Thursday, March 31, 2005

This or That

The Thursday Three is all about choices this week. I've put my preferences in bold.


1. Dunkin' Donuts or Krispy Kreme
2. Cheese curls or cheese puffs
3. Chocolate or vanilla

CATEGORY 2--TV People:

1. Ginger or Mary Ann -- I always thought she was pretty when I was young. As an adult I might prefer Mary Ann, but I didn't as a kid.
2. Crockett or Tubbs -- If I knew who these people were, it would help.
3. Barney or Warren

CATEGORY 3--Potpourri:

1. 9mm or .45 -- My gun knowledge is too limited to have a preference.
2. Pro football or college football -- This really depends upon the context, but I've been to a lot more college games than pro games.
3. Boxers or briefs/thong or granny panties (or cotton bikinis)
4. Electric or blade
5. Paper or plastic -- although I like the paper bags with handles that they give you at the crunchy granola store.
6. Dark socks and sandals at the beach or barefooted -- I've spent too much time with physicists wearing dress socks and sandals.
7. Wal-mart or K-mart -- Target
8. Dog or cat
9. LP or CD -- I grew up listening to LPs long after everyone else my age had forgotten their existence, but I do like CDs better.

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