Friday, April 29, 2005

Gardening Ideas

When there isn't much to say about yourself -- why not talk about your neighbors? There is a house down the street, that was on our neighborhood home tour, that has the most interesting front fence I've ever seen. Originally, my neighbor hired a landscaper to help her redo the frontyard and she planned to put a fence around the place to keep her dogs from escaping.

Then the landscaper had an idea -- why not have a landscaped fence -- a living fence? As I've heard the story, he was so in love with idea that he called the homeowner to ask her permission to do it while loading his cart with the starter materials.


I watched the fence going up with some interest and have been fairly skeptical about it. When it was just sod wrapped in chicken wire, I wasn't too crazy about it. Now that the plants are in and the ivy and moss are starting to take over and everything is growing, I think it is pretty neat. Supposedly it won't require too much maintenance, though I suspect that remains to be seen. It has a sprinkler hose system in it, so the owner won't have to go out to water her fence. I do think it will be strange to weed a fence though.

As it grows, it grows on me, but I still probably wouldn't put it in my yard.


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