Thursday, April 14, 2005

Little Birdies

Today was such a lovely spring day that the kids asked if we could have a picnic outside. The Boy decreed it too sunny out on the grass, so we put a blanket on the shady part of the porch and proceed to dine al fresco.

And then from one side of the yard, in flew the Mama Robin. Then from the other direction Daddy Robin arrived. And there were worms for the baby robins' lunches. Yum. And sure enough as the kids and I watch, little head with wide open beaks poked out of the nest and scarfed down all the food their parents had brought.

How cool. It makes me feel rather guilty that I even tried to discourage the birds from nesting on the porch, but I was afraid they'd lay their eggs and then be scared off by us and abandon their babies. I'm glad to know robins don't scare so easily.

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