Friday, April 22, 2005

Where Would We Be Without Vomit?

It just isn't really a full week until someone throws up. Maybe we just have weak stomachs around here, but it seems like somebody in the family is ailing almost every week these days. Sure the house isn't spotless, but I don't think we're breeding that much food poisoning.

This morning is was The Girl. She woke up cranky, whiny and lethargic. Then she looked pale and for once I wasn't the one holding the child when everything came up. Still unlike me, who always winds up either covered in vomit or catching it in my hands, my husband grabbed her, held her two feet in front of him and let her puke on the hardwood floor -- which is better than the sofa or the rug, I guess.

She's all tucked in and feeling gross. It figures that someone would get sick when we actually have a party to go to tonight.

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