Monday, May 09, 2005


Well, BlogNashville was this past weekend. On Friday I found a last minute babysitter (thanks brother-in-law and new sister-in-law) and dragged Justin off to the opening night party. We met a few people including Busy Mom, Kevin from Seriously Good, and Lynette who gives out the "awards" at Tennessee Bloggers. Mostly we were too shy to talk to many people. I'm just not good at throwing myself at someone and saying hello. So I saw Chris Muir and LaShawn Barber, who are both very distinguished looking, but I wasn't brave enough to grab them and introduce myself -- it isn't like they would have ever heard of me.

Both of us were really tired and headed home by about 10:15. I don't think Instapundit had even gotten there yet -- not that I would have had the guts to say hi to him either.

In the morning, I had intended to go to some of the sessions, but woke up with an evil, wicked, nasty migraine that hasn't yet gone away completely, so we stayed home and that was the end of our BlogNashville experience. I think it was a neat idea though and would love to be able to do more with something of this sort in the future.


chris muir said...

Next time, grab me!
That sounds bad.
Jordana, you know what the difference is between A-list bloggers and others?
I am sorry I missed you, and always go up and introduce yourself! If they are rude, you wouldn't want to know them anyway.
Next time!

Mr. Roboto said...

We've been doing informal gettogethers of the small group of Nashville bloggers for a long time now, and, if you'd be interested in coming to one of those, feel free to email me or check back in on TNF.
We've got a really interesting group of bloggers here in town, and I'm trying to make sure it stays a strong community. I was thinking the next one would be in early June.

chris Muir said...

I appreciate that, mr.Roboto!
Being from Florida, and a little low on the ol' dinero, it may be awhile; but much, much appreciated.

Jordana said...

Thank you, Chris and Mr. Roboto. I'll summon up more courage for the next thing.

chris Muir said...


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