Thursday, May 05, 2005

Foreign Spam

It's one thing to get nonsense spam, p0rnn0 spam, African money-making scheme spam or hatemail, but how often do you get spammed by someone writing in German offering a French vacation? It's not Classic Spam. It's New Spam.

I'm not giving them free ad space for long, so soon the spam will be removed.


Rachel Ann said...

I get spammed in a bunch of different languages, sometimes I have no idea what language because my computer isn't formatted for those languages and I get complete goobletygook.
So as far as I know I've been offered a whole lot oth things I just delete.
Dang. I bet one of those offers was a tax=free million dollar prize! My luck; couldn't read what it was telling me.

Michael said...

Wait..there's new spam out there I have not yet received yet. Man, I feel left out. LOL

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